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Rose Pure Dew Face and Hair Mist

Rose Pure Dew Face and Hair Mist

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Hetian Damascus Rose Pure Dew has deep rose-red flowers, pure, with a natural floral fragrance, acidic, good whitening effect, with the unique scent of Hetian rose. It is wonderful for all skin types. In addition to having a gentle moisturizing effect, rose Dew reduces inflammation, balances pH controls excess oil, and calms redness. Rose Dew can also be sprayed on the hair to restore moisture and treat dandruff.

Featuring roses from Xinjiang, China, this product celebrates the region's natural abundance and is a favorite among the Uyghur people. Elevate your skincare routine with the timeless elegance of Hetian Damascus Rose Pure Dew.

Yutian County of Hotan City is the hometown of desert roses, still 190 kilometers away from Hotan City, Xinjiang, China, located at the southern edge of the Tarkorama Thousand Desert. Rich light and heat resources and a warm temperate inland dry imperial gas climate for the desert provide unique natural and geographical conditions of the average sea technology 3000 meters, which really is the world's highland rose resources.


100% Hetian rose Pure dew

Storage Conditions

For best results, store this product in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated place, sealed and shaded.

How to use

Simply spray Rose Pure Dew Mist onto your face and hair.

Enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of this versatile elixir by lightly misting it over your face for a refreshing skincare experience. You can also spritz it onto your hair to restore moisture and promote a delightful fragrance.

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